The Squaire

UFO or submarine? No, it's Germany's biggest office building, "The Squaire" in Frankfurt am Main – fitted out with high tech from Viega. © Architects: JSK; Photo: HG Esch Photography

Water and heat for "New Work City"

Two hundred years ago, the major sea ports were the centres of trade, change and prosperity. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the railways and later the roads were the drivers of economic development. And today, major international airports are vital to the economies of entire regions. "Aerotropolis" is the name given to such clusters of the global knowledge society which are springing up all over the world.

"The Squaire" was opened in 2011 at Frankfurt Airport – Germany's largest air travel hub. The building's futuristic design set the architectural benchmark for the new millennium. With its 140,000 square metres of rental space, it is Germany's biggest office complex (as of 2015). Here a new model for working and living has been established: "New Work City".

All needs met, around the clock

The Squaire is a marketplace for people and ideas, offering open meeting places for working and communicating, with wireless Internet access and teleconferencing facilities. The creative set that the centre attracts also expect flawless supplies of water and heat of course. And that is where Viega comes into play.

The managers of "The Squaire" mega-project are glad to rely on Viega's Sanpress Inox and Prestabo piping systems for drinking water and heating respectively. Many of the businesses in the 660 metre long, nine-storey high complex are open virtually around the clock. That means the piping is working continuously too. Those high demands are met by the Sanpress pipe made of 1.4521 stainless steel material: The pipe, additionally stabilised with titanium and niobium, assures the long-term reliability and consistent quality of the building's drinking water. 

Objekt The Squaire
By Frankfurt a.M., Tyskland
År 2011
Objekttype Nybyggeri
Areal 140000 m2
Anvendelsesområde Erhverv