Dalí Museum

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Clean drinking water for the new Dalí Museum

The new Salvador Dalí Museum of St. Petersburg, Forida, USA, encompasses art, books and personal papers created by Dalí himself. The architecturally exceptional museum is 66,450 square feet and cost around $36 million to build. Over 15,000 square feet of the Dalí is dedicated to gallery space – allowing the continuous exhibition of the museum’s collection of 96 Dalí paintings. Its walls are 18-inch thick concrete and the entire structure is rated to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.

Contractor Feddon Mechanical, LLC installed a couple thousand feet of pipe and Viega Profipress (US standard) sizes 4" and down in the Dalí for drinking water. Feddon’s Vice President Jim Stark explained that they chose to install the Profipress system due to the short amount of time they had to complete the work. “There was a time crunch,” Stark said. “We saved about 30% to 40% in labour time.”

President David Feddon added: “Being able to keep our current size crew and meet the schedule was the best part of using Profipress,” Feddon said. “It’s something we’ll continue to use.”

One of the challenges of the installation was the sequence of construction. Due to the amount of concrete that needed to be poured, the entire structure had to be erected, including the roof, before the first length of copper could be installed. Also, the schedule required Feddon Mechanical, LLC to start the installation on the top floor and work down, with the interior underground being the last work performed. Without the time savings that Profipress provided and its ease of installation in tight corners, Feddon Mechanical, LLC would have had a difficult time completing the project within the strict time constraints.

“Viega puts out a quality product,” Stark said. “And thanks to Viega’s support, we have been able to take advantage of all of the benefits that the system provides.” 

Objekt Dalí Museum
By St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
År 2011
Objekttype Nybyggeri
Areal 6173 m2
Anvendelsesområde Offentlige bygninger
Installation Feddon Mechanical, LLC